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About Clear Public Space

Making environmental ambitions real

Clear Public Space was set up in 2015 by Luke Douglas Home. Whilst living and working in Romania, he became determined to do something about the endemic waste problem he found. After success in Romania, Luke took Clear Public Space back to the UK and expanded its work into helping businesses, local authorities and schools struggling to meet their environmental targets.


Our goal is to provide as many organisations as possible with the necessary tools to reduce their waste and their carbon footprint. We conduct Environmental Impact Reviews, which assess an organisation’s habits, and identify ways to make their daily operations greener. We help clients to implement our recommendations, comply with environmental reporting regulations and get accreditation for the work they have undertaken.


Alongside this work, we run A Future Without Rubbish, an educational programme in schools in the UK and abroad. A Future Without Rubbish educates children about sustainable consumption and production, the circular economy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2020, we established AFWR as a community interest company, and our ambition is to expand our education programme into more schools, create more international partnerships and work to get environmental education onto the UK curriculum.


Now a Chartered Environmentalist, Luke has a history of not only creating change in businesses, councils and schools but also through campaigns. He pioneered the #stircrazy campaign, enlisting and uniting businesses, schools, local councils and government to eliminate single-use plastic stirrers. Then Environment Minister Michael Gove MP championed the campaign and the ban on plastic stirrers along with straws and cotton buds came into force in October 2020.


We want to use all our experience and know-how to help your organisation realise how much they can do to help to conserve the planet’s resources, in practical and economic ways, and realise that any behavioural changes can have a huge impact.


Consultant & EIR Manager


Founder & Executive Director


Business & Operations Manager


Consultant- Financial Services Specialist

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