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A more sustainable future
- exactly how can my business operate more sustainably?

Now, more than ever, businesses, organisations and institutions are looking at ways to ensure their operations have as little impact on the environment as possible. 

And you too might be asking yourself some of the following questions

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Environmental Impact Review?

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  • Can I measure my business' current environmental impact?

  • How can my business produce less waste and recycle responsibly?

  • How can my business make changes that actually benefit the environment?

  • Will operating more sustainably be cost effective?

  • Will I attract more customers and business by embracing sustainable practices?

Environmental Impact Review (EIR)

Clear Public Space has developed a model for assessing and improving an organisation's environmental impact. With our Environmental Impact Review, we can help you positively re-evaluate your business practices and develop sustainable changes.  These can then continue to reward your business for years to come.



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The EIR will save your business money

and help to save

our beautiful planet's

biodiversity, environment  &  climate

for the future.


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