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Clear Public Space's environmental consultancy understands the complexity and difficulty organisations face in finding achievable, efficient and economical solutions to operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner. Our mission is to help businesses, councils, schools and communities answer the most complex of sustainability questions:

How can we collect data, monitor, and report on our environmental impact?

How can we achieve Net Zero carbon emissions and is Net Zero really enough?

Are we up-to-date with relevant environmental legislation?

What is our recycling rate and how can we improve it?

How can operating sustainably be cost-effective? 

Clear Public Space has developed a unique model for measuring, analysing and improving organisations' environmental impact.


With our Environmental Impact Review (EIR), we can help you positively re-evaluate your business practices and develop sustainable changes. 


We provide high impact, low-cost initiatives to improve your environmental impact in an achievable, efficient and economical manner.


Our unique "circular health check" and legislation & compliance briefing can also be provided separately to a full environmental impact review. These packages are perfect for understanding your legal reporting compliance, such as GHG reporting, or check your progress towards Net Zero or other environmental targets.

Our environmental impact review provides a comprehensive analysis of your procurement, use, collection and disposal of products in the major waste streams - energy, water, food, general and recycled.

The EIR provides achievable, efficient and economical suggestions and methods for long-term sustainable change. The suggestions will be converted into key performance indicators (KPIs), so as to measure attainment for certification.

The full EIR consists of three steps:

  1. Briefing and Data Collection

  2. Assessment and Recommendations

  3. Validation and Certification

Our circular health check gauges your company's current state of environmental circularity and provide vital metrics and data for comprehensive environmental reporting and management

We provide bespoke legislative briefings for your organisation regarding current and upcoming environmental policy making sure you understand your legal reporting requirements and compliance

Investing in your environmental sustainability will future-proof your organisation and investments, and even boost your returns, all whilst helping to shape a better future.

Our prices are competitive and completely bespoke- we do not operate under a "one-size fits all" approach.

If you want to start measuring your environmental impact, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and improving your circularity, get in touch. 

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We work in synergy with you to positively re-evaluate your practices for sustainable change and provide practical, achievable solutions.



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