The 500ff campaign focuses on reducing the use of plastic bottles.  It offers education and a sustainable option
- the stainless steel flask.
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1 million per minute

plastic bottles bought around the world


What provoked the #500ff campaign?

In 2019, a million plastic bottles were being bought around the world every minute (source: Euromonitor).

And this is set to increase by another 20% by 2021 (source: Euromonitor).


It doesn’t have to be this way.


With the million plastic bottles bought every minute in the world  (source: The Guardian) it seems that we are addicted to the economics, convenience and versatility of plastics.

We are addicted yet we don't manage it. 

This use of plastic is only going to increase further and further with the price of virgin plastic becoming cheaper and cheaper.


Plastic bottles are mainly used for water, and the fact that millions

of people are drinking hygienic water is wonderful, in itself. 


But, do we have to use so much plastic in doing so? Are there alternatives?

We have created one - the 500 footprint flask ( '500ff'). 


To immediately

Reduce unnecessary plastic generation in target schools ​

Save money for households

Educate pupils about plastic and the waste hierarchy

For the long term

Increase hydration (promote the consumption of water)

Educate pupils about ‘LCAs’ and the circular economy


The 500ff stainless steel flask is infinitely reusable and recyclable whereas plastic can only be recycled 7 or 8 times (source: New Scientist) and is easily damaged BUT ...

the carbon footprint of 1 flask is equal to 500 plastic water bottles, so you must REALLY  look after the flask. 


Therefore, the refillable stainless-steel flask is not a silver bullet to the problem of unnecessary and disposable plastic use in our economy – it needs proper education.

  1. These facts are communicated and presented to schools

  2. We have councils and/or sponsors to support the educational activities and the acquisition of the flasks  

  3. We collate baseline data on waste generation



We say “No!” to  our current disposable culture , and "Yes!" to

educating children to value things, by encouraging them to use the 500ff for their lives. As part of our A Future without Rubbish project activities in schools, the pupils are awarded the 500ff. 

Campaign achievements

Pupils are awarded as agents of AFWR with this flask – it is like a medal and they have to have proficiency in the knowledge of the circular economy, SDGs and plastic pollution.


With Westminster Council’ support, around 700 pupils and teachers from the Westminster area are now proud owners of a 500ff flask. 

100,000 plastic bottles have not been bought (based on the stats provided by London Mayor that, on average, 175 bottles per year/per person are bought in London).


Instead, thousands of litres of tap water has been consumed in reusable stainless-steel flasks by our agents and households for A Future without Rubbish, saving households money and benefitting Thames Water and our environment.

With the help and support of QPG, in 2018, 200 pupils from Wilberforce Primary school are proud owners of 500ff flasks, together with the Secretary of State for the Environment

In Romania, 70 children from Rotakids Timisoara are proud owners of the 500ff flask. 

More detail

Go to our blog article here

A Future without Rubbish with Clear Public Space is looking to implement and expand the campaign in more schools and communities. 


Our aim is to roll out the campaign to schools and Local Authorities across the UK and beyond, so we are busy talking to organisations in Oxford, Scotland, Germany and India.

If you would like to be updated on our events, get involved in any of our campaigns or suggest where should we turn our #500ff sights on next, please get in touch by email or        .  


If you would like to own a 500ff, please email us.


We thank you. Future generations will thank you.

We believe Planet Earth would thank you too, if it could.  

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