In 2019, a million plastic bottles are  being bought around the world every minute (source: Euromonitor).

And this is set to increase by another 20% by 2021 (source: Euromonitor).

It seems that we are addicted to the economics, convenience and versatility of plastics. 

Stop this addiction with our 500ff - 500 footprint flasks! 

Plastic bottles are mainly used for water bottles, and the fact that millions of people are drinking hygienic water is wonderful, in itself. 

But, do we have to use so much plastic in doing so? Are there alternatives? We, at Association A Future without Rubbish, think there are. 

The 500ff flasks are infinitely recyclable, a true circular material. Plastic is not.

Why the 500ff logo? 

The carbon footprint of one 500ff (stainless steel flask) is less then 500 PET bottles (source: New Scientist).

We say “No!” to  our current disposable culture , and "Yes!" to educating children to value things, by encouraging them to use the 500ff for their lives, as part of our A Future without RubbishTM project. 

By using the 500ff flask, you will be a life agent for our project A Future without RubbishTM together with school children all over the world.

We thank you. Future generations will thank you. We believe Planet earth would thank you too, if it could. 



Association A Future without Rubbish is a not-for-profit members association, established and run in the same way as the acclaimed association of the same name  Asociaţia Un Viitor fără Gunoi,  in Romania !