The Campaign

#StirCrazy - the “beautifully simple” campaign to eradicate plastic stirrers.
Clear Public Space Ltd (CPSL) and the Romanian Association A Future Without Rubbish (Asociaţia Un Viitor fără Gunoi) , assisted by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA),  run the worldwide campaign `#StirCrazy`. It has started in London.
#StirCrazy says - there is no situation in which a plastic stirrer is necessary.
The campaign slogan is “Re-think your plastic. Don’t stir with it. We don’t!
As we encourage customers of airlines, hotels, bars and coffee chains to simply ask “Why plastic?”.
There are better alternatives available.

Get involved

The campaign has three first year objectives (with complete worldwide eradication in a few years):

1.     For one global company, with at least 3 million customers to eradicate plastic stirrers from their offering. This could be a travel company, a hotel or restaurant chain.
2.     Two transnational coffee chains to eradicate plastic stirrers from their offering
3.     One country to declare a significant tax increase on plastic stirrers and suggest incentives on alternatives such as bamboo and/or FSC wooden stirrers.
To achieve any of these would be globally remarkable. We think we can achieve all three – and that is what we all are working towards.

 Do you want to get involved? You can 1) Use #StirCrazy on social media 2) and sign the petition 3) report businesses who are #StirCrazy, and those who are not #StirCrazy.
It would help us win – for a better world, better business and a better future – if you might get involved.



#StirCrazy Map

Join with us and #StirCrazy - eradicating plastic stirrers from our society. You can be a part of #StirCrazy.

 It will be "the most successful campaign in history" with your help!
Push the campaign in seconds – with three simple means:
1) On Twitter  and/or Facebook use “#StirCrazy”, add a photo and post (zip) code of the  places that are still offering this madness - plastic stirrers: used for seconds, lasts for centuries.
2) On Twitter  and/or Facebook  use “Not #Stircrazy here!”, add a photo and post(zip) code of the places that are using/offering alternatives. Congratulate them-the world should know of their good moves.
3) Adding a photo and zip code directly to this map! It is easy, click on here for step by step instructions.

 The #StirCrazy problem is huge (100s of billions a year). The #StirCrazy solution is simple – be a part of it and environmental world history!

Thank you!

Helmut Maurer, the European Commission’s DG for Environment:  

The long march toward a properly managed plastics economy starts with small steps. One small step is this #StirCrazy campaign. I hope it has a lasting global impact on our single-use plastics behaviour, and leads to other successful campaigns. I wish it every success.


Rt Hon. Michael Gove, Secretary of State (DEFRA): “StirCrazy are absolutely right”

Helmut Maurer