Our campaign

Our campaign

#StirCrazy is a  beautifully simple campaign that aims to bring and end to the plastic stirrers. We collaborate with policy and decision-makers and raise public awareness. We want to encourage people to eventually ask "Why plastic?" about all avoidable single-use plastics.

We passionately believe in our slogan to 'Re-think our plastic'. 

  We know there are better alternatives available.

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Act together for a better world, better businesses and a better future.

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 #StirCrazy so far

Since we launched the campaign in March 2018, we have successully begun our action against single-use plastics and plastic stirrers. Some of our achievements:

Our objectives


  1. For 1 global company  and 2 trans-national coffee chains to commit to stop offering plastic coffee stirrers to their customers.
  2. For 1 UK council to make plastic stirrers obsolete in their public policy, and to use alternatives.
  3. To work with schools and reach pupils through awareness activities about the damage of plastic stirrers and single-use plastics to the environment.

#StirCrazy Map



  • Use #StirCrazy on social media -  on Twitter  and/or Facebook  add a photo and post (zip) code of 1) the  places that are still offering  plastic stirrers 2)  the places that are using/offering alternatives 3) add a photo and zip code directly to this map! It is easy, click on here for step by step instructions.

 The problem of plastic stirrers is huge. The #StirCrazy solution is simple. Join us and help eradicate plastic stirrers from our society. Thank you!