Who We Are

Who We Are

Luke Douglas-Home started to tackle the endemic problem of waste that he saw during his years of working for a Romanian NGO in 2015, following three years of reasearch. He formed the social enterprise Clear Public Space, with the aim to change behaviour through campaigns, project-focused awareness activities and business advisory service.


Our team

We have offices in UK and Romania, with a team of volunteers, consultants and advisers who coordinate, monitor and evaluate our projects and activities. 

Luke Douglas-Home

Managing Director CPSL 

Luke was Executive Director of Mihai Eminescu Trust until 2005, when he suffered a catastrophic accident . He has made an amazing recovery, for which he is universally grateful to hospitals in Brasov, Bucharest and London. Thus, his emotional attachment to Romania. ”I received healthcare there, like few others – and few said I would be able to talk and walk, let alone think. Heathcare was the most important factor behind my remarkable recovery, apart from my wife Christina!” he says.
 He likens  running the initiatives to running the London Half Marathon, which he has done twice. “I have had to dig deep in both, and both require stamina and fortitude”.

Iolanda Alexandru

Project and Office Co-ordinator

Iolanda manages the day-to-day office operations and overseas the projects in Romania and the UK. She was born in Iași, Romania, and has lived in the UK since 2007. She is currently studying Business Management in London, with particular interests in waste management and behavioural change.