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Plastics in our Oceans: What can we do to turn the tide?

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A Frontline Club X Clear Public Space event

25 March 2021

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The UN’s Decade of Ocean Science starts this year, 2021.

We are the last generation with the choice to act, or not.

#environmentalfrontline is a regular series of events that concentrate on the burning environmental issues of the day. It is curated and organised by Clear Public Space

We will explore the issue by asking “Plastics in our ocean: What can we do to turn the tide?” with leading figures on this global, existential issue.

Nearly three billion people depend directly on marine and coastal biodiversity for their survival. By absorbing approximately a third of carbon dioxide emissions, oceans play a decisive role in regulating the climate. So, economically, environmentally and as a source of life, they are therefore crucial to the very fate of humanity. Yet, we dispose of over 8 million tonnes of plastic in the seas every year.

With the ‘Environmental Frontline’ events we hope to uncover meaningful and useful permanent actions, that we can all do, to help battle environmental problems.

The discussion will include representatives from the UNEP, EU Commission, Activists, Educators, Academics and film-makers and moderated by environmental scientist and former environment editor of the Sunday Times, Jonathan Leake.

One panellist will be Jo Ruxton, the "trigger for David Attenborough's plastic activism".

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