Valea Viilor

Valea Viilor

Developing the project, our approach has four main strands: SCBC™.
The (1) local school, (2) the council, (3) the local business and (4) the community.
In Cisnadie these four strands have been brought together by CPSL’s A Future without Rubbish™. And the project lives!

This new social change is led by Kindergarten children in Valea Viilor.

Luke Douglas-Home, Valea Viilor kindergarten teachers, Headmistress Daniela Vasiliu, Mayor Ilie Avram Pinte, Eco-Sal Anca Burian

and the kindergarten agents of change for Un Viitor fără GunoiTM


These ‘VV’ agents are committed; the children are regularly collecting recyclables from home and sorting them out at school and/or they are making things: clothes or computers out of pizza boxes, lights out of plastic spoons and so on.

They visited the village’s recycling bins, after colouring their classroom ones correctly.


Lights and PC etc. made by Agents from recycled clean materials

Mayor Pinte and kindergarten teacher

Public Recycling bins in Valea Viilor – will be re-vamped by Eco-Sal and the council in the near future


They were awarded medals by the Mayor!

Mayor Pinte awards a medal to our Agent of change 2016!

Second, the council is beginning to manage the public litter collection better for the community.

And now, the local refuse-collection/recycling company - Eco-Sal in Medias - is organising day trips for the kindergarten children

Trip to the Eco-Sal recycling plant with our Agents,Mayor Pinte, teacher,Anca Burian and Luke Douglas-Home


In September, the community will come together to understand how to fight for a better future without rubbish in Valear Viilor, Romania.

Tourists are expected to spend Over 1 billion Euros this year (2016) in Romania . Valea Viilor is UNESCO-listed. Come and visit us – and help us to make a future without rubbish. No tourist ever stays in Valea Viilor – come and stay? We are UNESCO-listed. Please?
Valea Viilor’s Mayor, Mr. Pinte has said “Romania needs this project” – we have started it and would like you to back us. We, the kindergarten children, are working towards a better future! Find on FB

Eco-Sal said: “Cooperating with Clear Public Space Ltd  in building Un Viitor fara Gunoi TM in Valea Viilor, we are helping to develop a civic sense of the children in the village!” Find on FB
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