Developing the project, our approach has four main strands: SCBC™.
The (1) local school, (2) the council, (3) the local business and (4) the community.
In Cisnadie these four strands have been brought together by CPSL’s A Future without Rubbish™. And the project lives!

‘Cisnadian’ small agents started work against the big problem for rural Romania. And last month the Prime Minister near Bucharest did the same! Did he copy them?!

“Romania’s Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos”

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Cisnadie is just minutes from Sibiu, EU’s City of Culture 2007.
In Cisnadie, the small ‘agents’ at school were awarded medals and praised for their work towards a future without rubbish.

 "Cisnadie Agents: Scoala no.3”

“Agents claim ‘Romania=the world"

They collected objects to recycle, from their households, made things from refuse, played in competitions to put rubbish in the correctly coloured bins, and promised to recycle materials and try and keep their medals to show the superhero who might visit in September!
This approach is new and unique to Romania, and we hope that it takes hold throughout the country.
Starting ”Un Viitor fără Gunoi™”  ,the Headmistress Constanta Poplacean quoted Sir Peter Scott  “We shan’t save all we should like to – but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried”

Luke Douglas-Home, Constanta Poplacean , Iolanda Alexandru, Adriana Horstman,  Ramona Mitrica,  Harry Nicolle, Charlotte McDougall, Tom Howard Vyse, Moin Mir and Henry Wilks are all working with the project A Future without Rubbish™  and our numbers are growing. Join Us!

Please remember to leave your email address to keep updated on Cisnadie developments. We are minutes from Sibiu – the 2007 EU City of Culture and – and A Future without Rubbish™   is alive here.