A Future without Rubbish

Since 2012, a long-term solution has been researched by Clear Public Space Ltd (CPSL). The result of that is the new revolutionary project called “Un Viitor fără Gunoi™”, which started in June 2016.

Luke Douglas-Home, CPSL’s Director, said “starting at the cross-roads of cultures – Transylvania – children are the ‘Agents’ for this new revolution – a social revolution that started in Cisnadie and Valea Viilor.

A Future without Rubbish™  is changing normal behaviour.

Regularly and routinely, this project educates children, about recycling and rubbish in general; from kindergarten age, and then throughout their whole education. It is supported by schools, councils and businesses. And it is only with collaboration that we will win this fight. Click here to find out more (and see our Un Viitor fără Gunoi Spiderman fighting for a future without rubbish in one of our partners’ schools) or email us! Where A Future without Rubbish™ differs from every rubbish-related project that we know of, is that we aim for the long term; a generational change is our summit – join us on our climb up the mountain to the higher grounds?


Our Initiatives